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 Group of anarchists in Huljaipole, 1907: Standing (left to right): A. Semenyuta, L. Kravchenko (Grabovoi), I. Shevchenko, P. Semenyuta, E. Bondarenko, I. Levadn'i. Sitting: N. Makhno, V. Antoni, P. Onishchenko, N. Zuichenko, L. Korost'lev.     A very young Makhno     Makhno in 1909     Group of prisoners from Butyrski prison, freed after the February revolution on 2 March, 1917. First row to the left - N. I. Makhno.      Nyestor Ivanovich Makhno     Makhno in 1919. From "Russia under the Bolshevik Regime" by Richard Pipes     The young Makhno     Detachment of Makhnovshchina under the command of Shchus' (centre) in the period of the fight with the Austro-German invaders and the forces of the Hetman. Autumn 1918.     Dybenko with Makhno     Group of Makhnovists with Makhno at front centre     Nestor Makhno in 1919     Rebel commanders. From left to right, front row: I. Lyut'i, P. Belochub, N. Makhno, V. Kurilenko, F. Shchus', Y. Ozerov, A. Chubenko. Back row: A. Ol'khovik, P. Puzanov, Novikov. 1919, Berdyansk.     Makhnovist group (Makhno at centre)     Another Makhnovist group     Nestor Ivanovitch Makhno     Makhno i povstantsy-1919     Signing of the Starobel'skogo Agreement between the Makhnovists and the Soviet regime (at centre, the rebel commander N. I. Makhno) - October 1920     Group of command personnel of Ukrainian Insurgent Army (Makhnovist) in Starobel'skeye hospital. From left to right, back: S. Karetnikov, N. Makhno (injured), V. Kurilenko (injured), G. Vasilevsky. Front: P. Petrenko and nurse. 1920     Makhno undergoing medical treatment in the Starobelskeye hospital. Autumn 1920.     Nestor Makhno at a camp for displaced persons, Romania 1921     Makhno in 1921     makhno_seul.jpg (23509 byte)     Makhnovists in Rumania, 1921. Nestor Makhno and Galina Kuzmenko in centre.     Makhno (left) with Alexander Berkman     Makhno with wife and daughter     Makhno s docheryu     Makhno late in life in Paris     Nestor Makhno, Paris - late 1920's     Makhno late in life     shchuss.jpg (10896 byte)     Makhno's tomb in Paris(30735 byte)     Galina A. Kuzmenko and Elena (Makhno's wife and daughter) in the 1940s     A.I. Denikin (19460 byte)     "Makhno and the Anarchists 1917-1920". From: Atlas of Russian History / Martin Gilbert ; cartographic consultant, Arthur Banks. Dorset Press, 1972                   

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