The Unknown Revolution, 1917-1921



Book III: Struggle for the Real Social Revolution

Part II: Ukraine (1918-1921)


  1. Mass Movement in the Ukraine

  2. Formation of the Makhnovist Insurrectionary Army

  3. Denikin's Offensives and Final Defeat

  4. The Makhnovists in the Liberated Regions

  5. Wrangel's Offensive and Defeat

  6. Third and Last War of the Bolsheviks Against the Makhnovists and Anarchists; Defeat of the Insurrectionary Army

  7. The Fate of Makhno and Some of His Comrades; Epilogue

  8. Testament of the Makhnovshchina to the Workers of the World


This extract was obtained from the Digital Text International website which hosts the full work by Volin, a "complete translation of La Revolution Inconnue, 1917-1921, first published in French in 1947, and re-published in Paris in 1969 by Editions Pierre Belfond. An abridged, two-volume English translate of the work was published in 1954 and 1955 by the Libertarian Book Club (New York City) and Freedom Press (London). The present edition contains all the materials included in the earlier edition (translated by Holley Cantine), as well as the sections which were omitted (Book I, Part I and II, and some brief omissions later in the work, translated by Fredy Perlman). In the newly translated sections, Russian words are transliterated into English. However, in the sections which are reprinted from the earlier edition, French transliteration of Russian words was frequently retained in the English translation. As a result the present edition, a Russian word is frequently spelled in two different ways". Some spellings have been standardized by the Nestor Makhno Archive for this online version of Book III, Part II.


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