Secret Order No.96/s 

June 3, 1919

1) The first task of the 2nd Army of the Ukraine is to destroy the military organization of the Makhnovists; this task must be effective before the 15th June.

2) For this objective, and with the help of the Revolutionary Military Soviet of the 2nd Army of the Ukraine, we will immediately launch a vast campaign of agitation against the Makhnovists with the aim of preparing the public opinion of the army and the working masses for the complete liquidation of "Makhno's army".

3) The shipment of money, military equipment and absolutely anything that is of interest to Makhno's army staff is immediately and completely prohibited on pain of severe punishment for lack of responsibility.

4) In order to eliminate the Makhnovists and consolidate the right flank of the Southern Front, the following military forces are to be sent to the front: the 12th Moscow Regiment, the cavalry regiment, the elite Luganski and Bakhmutski regiments, the kursanti [cadet] battalions, an armoured train, armoured battalions and the Moscow battalion.

5) In the region where there are Makhnovists, astute, experienced workers must immediately be sent as spies and assist the opinion of the soldiers and the masses of workers, in order to exert an influence on the Makhnovists.

6) The liquidation of the Makhnovists must be carried out with great determination and great severity, without wasting time and without hesitation.

Trotsky, Chairman of the Military Revolutionary Council of the Republic

In Belash A. V. and Belash V. F., Dorogi Nestora Makhno [The Path of Nestor Makhno] Kiev 1993, pp.238-239.

Translated from Russian to Spanish by Frank Mintz and from Spanish to English by Nestor McNab.

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