Nestor Makhno


Ukrainian peasant: "You want bread? Here's bread for you!"

Published by the Kate Sharpley Library, 1993

ISBN 1 873605 35 8

Originally published by Black Cat Press, 1979


Translator's Introduction

My Visit To The Kremlin

Translator's Epilogue


Appendix: The Ever-Recurring Lie

Cover notes: The Ukrainian peasant Nestor Makhno visited Moscow in June, 1918 and had extensive interviews with the Bolshevik leaders Sverdlov and Lenin. This account amounts to two chapters from his memoirs and deals with with his encounters with the Bolshevik murderers. It is presented for the second time in English by the KSL, originally being published by Black Cat Press in 1979.

This is the first in a series on the history of the now defunct USSR. Others to follow may include secrets of anarchist activity and resistance from the Russian Archives.

Dedication to 1993 edition: This edition is dedicated to the memory of Leah Feldman (1899-1993), who merits a biography of her own. A dedicated anarchist all her life she fought in many countries for her ideals, and was possibly one of the oldest survivors of the Makhno peasant army.

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