History of the Makhnovist Movement (1918-1921)

Petr Arshinov

Preface (Volin)

Author's Preface (P. Arshinov)

Chapter 1: Democracy and the Working Masses in the Russian Revolution

Chapter 2: The October Upheaval in Great Russia and in the Ukraine

Chapter 3: The Revolutionary Insurrection in the Ukraine; Makhno

Chapter 4: The Fall of the Hetman; Petliurism; Bolshevism

Chapter 5: The Makhnovshchina

Chapter 6: The Makhnovshchina (contd.); Grigor'ev's Revolt; The Bolsheviks' First Assault on Gulyai-Pole

Chapter 7: The Long Retreat of the Makhnovists and their Victory; Execution of Grigor'ev; Battle of Peregonovka; Rout of Denikin's Troops; Period of Freedom

Chapter 8: Errors of the Makhnovists; Second Bolshevik Assault on the Insurgent Region

Chapter 9: Makhnovist Pact with the Soviet Government; Third Bolshevik Assault

Chapter 10: The Meaning of the National Problem in the Makhnovshchina; The Jewish Question

Chapter 11: Makhno's Personality; Biographical Notes on Some Members of the Movement

Chapter 12: The Makhnovshchina and Anarchism



Translated by Lorraine and Fredy Perlman. Published by Black & Red/Solidarity, Detroit/Chicago 1974. This edition obtained from the Digital Text International website. The Nestor Makhno Archive has altered some spellings and corrected some typographical errors.

Source: www.ditext.com

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